Back in 2008 when I decided to start this little food blog after joining Weight Watchers and experimenting in my kitchen, I couldn't have imagined that it would one day become a full time job. This is the most fabulous recipe. Hi Gina,New to the site and so far sooooo good!! After all the frigging it came out delicious! I wish I was able to really calculate the calories info but I do know it wld be less than what you posted due to my substitutions. I only got about 3 lunches out of it because my family who originally snurled their noses up at the idea of Zucchini Lasagna, DEVOURED it. I will make this dish again. Can you use a dehydrator for the zucchini? Used a 26oz. Pingback: Lasagna Soup • a farmgirl's dabbles, Pingback: The Every Hostess - Christmas Dinner With Pyrex - The Every Hostess, Pingback: 17 Creative Ways to Eat More Vegetables – LebenGesund. Add olive oil to the pan and saute garlic and onions about 2 minutes. Finishing off my second piece now. I just want to thank you for this recipe. Everyone ate it and said it was good. To taste. Can you make this ahead of time? I used turkey since that is what I had in the house and added fennel, to pretend they were sausages,  Since it is cold and rainy here in CA, I baked zucchini in oven first, worked fine, followed other reviewers. Thanks for the roasting suggestion! Normally, lasagna is out because I gain weight easily and husband has diabetes, but this recipe did the trick! I think the first layer of pasta helped soak up some “water” and provided a solid layer for serving it. And I will try reducing the amount of ricotta and/or mozzarella. I suggest doing your own calculations for accuracy. This recipe is delicious. Discover (and save!) Next time, I'll be using more zucchini. Still works for me though. How long do you broil the zucchini ( in place of grilling), and do you broil it on high or low? made this the other night, very good recipe. I don't even like zucchini and I loved it. Thank you for a wonderful recipe! Thank you! Could I prepare this the night before and refrigerate it?! Would you recommend this or do you just throw it out? I didn't even miss the pasta. In love with this lasagna! So much less guilt eating lasagna. You can hand slice this with a knife 1/8 to 1/4 inch thin. Stir and reduce heat to low, cover and simmer 5 minutes, then add fresh basil. I planned to use low fat cottage cheese in place of some of the cheese, but I grabbed a large tub of sour cream (thinking it was cottage cheese…which I found I didn’t have) and used that instead. Thanks. I made it last night and my God, my God it was so so good! I just started Weight Watchers (Pts Plus) last week. This was delicious! This is going to be my go-to recipe for pot-lucks and family get-togethers. I pretty much followed the recipe closely. By replacing the lasagna noodles with thin sliced zucchini you can create a delicious, lower carb (gluten-free) lasagna that's loaded with vegetables – you won't miss the pasta! I’d love to know if you have attempted to! When they cook together the carrots take on the taste and consistency of the beef and it halves the calories. The kids love it, too! …. It turned out great. I made this last night and substituted light cream cheese for the ricotta and used half the amount of mozzarella (bought the wrong size package at the store), it came out delicious! I have made this before without the grilling part, and it was slightly watery as you mentioned. This is an awesome recipe! This looks sooo good! I also make sure I don’t make it too deep and bake uncovered so more moisture can evaporate. I live in an apartment and do not have a grill. haha. Can you tell me the brands you used, and if you used any fat-free cheese instead of part skim? It is excellent! To freeze it I cover tightly in plastic wrap and then add a layer of foil. We never missed the noodles. Pingback: 16 Must-Have Keto Recipes for Every Meal of the Day - The Fit and Healthy Baker. I will definitely try out your other recipes. For years, I’ve been talking about the only brand of canned tomatoes I use,  Tuttorosso (green label). I used a griddle to heat my zucchini instead of a grill (it was raining)…worked out perfectly. What would you suggest to use instead of ground beef or turkey? Hope you enjoy. Wondering how well this freezes and reheats……….i love recipes that I can make, freeze, and eat conveniently….don’t mind all of the prep so much when i can do this. WIN! (2-3) After salting and drying zucchini slices start layering your lasagna in a 13×9 baking dish: thin layer of sauce, zucchini noodles, ricotta, mozzarella cheese. Yum! This was fabulous.!!! I have made this recipe several time and while it is labor intensive it is SO WORTH IT! This recipe is a keeper. How many points would this be? Thaw first or straight from the freezer? This is amazing. But, I’m having a little trouble with this one. Would this work as a prep/freeze and then bake later? I’ve made it 3 times and my family likes it a lot too! I didn't have a mandoline so I just used a peeler to cut the zucchini super thin. We ran out of propane in our grill so we salted the zucchini as instructed and drained the water. I was wondering about the 4 leaves of basil referred to in the list of ingredients for the filling. Amazing!!! It’s low … Zucchini Lasagna. I do on some recipes but not on this one. This was amazing. Just made this tonight and can say that it was really good. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. Is there any other way to make thin slices? So glad i read the comments as well…I cooked it at 375 uncovered for 40 minutes (the cheese was a little darker) but I loved it that way. Stir well. Next time I will use the George Forman! It took me over an hour to prep the dish, but so worth every minute! Nice roasted flavor adds depth. Sometimes I charred the zucchini and it was delicious and flavorful. That make it very easy to assemble the next day. He LOVED it. As it was cooking to reduce the liquid, I thought it was never going to happen, but after a 15 minute cool down it was perfect. I added a layer of frozen (de-thawed) spinach and a little bit of red pepper flakes to add some spice, and it was awesome! How did it turn out for you without grilling the zucchini? what? I used Italian sausage instead of the ground beef and added a little cottage cheese and fresh parsley to the ricotta mixture. Blotted dry after. This was absolutely incredible! Can I make this without meat or mushrooms? The leftovers are awesome for lunch too! Thanks! . Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. Does this mean I can skip that step with the taco boats? Yes, I would add the parm & egg to the cottage cheese. Hi Gina! My slices were really thin, so I just layered the thin slices up to make a thicker layer of zucchini. I used half beef and 1/2 turkey to cut on points. I did make a couple of modifications but most of them had to do with seasoning the zucchini (while grilling it) and adding quite a few more spices to the sauce. Seems like more cheese then. I added a bay leaf when browning the ground beef and used a low carb/low sugar spaghetti sauce instead of the canned tomatoes. I admit I had doubts, which is why I allowed extra time for preparation…..but it was totally worth it. This is an amazing recipe. Looking forward to leftovers all week. My discriminating, meat-loving brother loved it, and said he might add crushed red pepper to the sauce to make it spicy. The zucchini was an incredible alternative. So yummy!!! Has anyone tried to make this and freeze before baking? The meat sauce rocks. I love all your recipes! I made this two weeks ago. Uncooked? Do I need to change my cookies or something? I think it would be OK, just make sure the zucchini doesn’t get watery. Did you try this? This was Awesome! Delicious and easy. As I said it was great tasting and I will keep this recipe in my favorites. Next time, I will make the sauce a day ahead, using 1.5 cans of tomatoes. I make a lot of online recipes and never leave comments or reviews, but felt I had to after making this recipe! Keep doing what your doing.. it works , This looks delicious. I had the same result. All of your tips about “sweating” and grilling the Zucchini noodles are spot on. Easy to make and definetly make it again. To serve, thaw in the refrigerator for 36-48 hours and then follow the baking directions as written. Should this be baked before being frozen or can it frozen first? I slice them "thick" using my mandoline (about 1/8" thick) and then steam them in a double boiler for 8-10 minutes, depending on the water content. It was neat my hubby even like this as he’s not a big zucchini person, and loves regular lasagna. It tasted so decadent that I promise you won't miss the pasta. Overall, the dish was awesome. What did you do? Thank you for this recipe!!! Didn’t miss noodles at all. My family now wants it instead of regular lasagne. How long do you have to microwave the zucchini? I made this today! Thank you. Despite grilling the zuchs first, it was still kind of watery. As much as your girl loves pasta, I know that from time to time, I need to balance it out with a healthier alternative. Thank you!! Add the cooked vegetables and basil and mix. In my opinion, the turkey and sausage had the best flavor! This recipe is easy to halve for small households. Also, would using the forman grill to grill the zucchini work? Didn’t anyone find the mozzarella tasted stringy…was thinking to use cheddar next time. It was very good, but the zucchini almost dissolved into the sauce and the lasagna did not hold together like a regular lasagna (I let it stand for 10 minutes before cutting). I am so thankful I found your website. Zucchini lasagna was a super hit!! I have also made several of your recipes from your cookbook- AMAZING. I plugged the ingredients into an app, leaving out the veggies and I’m coming up with closer to 400kcal per serving. I am low-carbing while my husband is not, therefor I try to make meals that cater to both. To die for. This was outstanding! I don’t like to give up, so I tested this over and over again until I got it perfect! It was absolutely AMAZING! Article by skinnytaste. ¼ teaspoon salt & fresh ground pepper, to taste. The zuccini slices were a perfect alternative to lasagna sheets but I may cut out cheese from the bottom layers from now on and just stick to the sauce and ricotta mixture. Great recipe and so delicious!! Will make again. Grilling fixes any slices that are too thick. Loved this recipe! We had decided to make this a weekly addition and are looking forward to trying more of your wonderful recipes! I made this for my brother and picky sister-in-law, and they both loved it! I substituted the ground beef for ground chicken, and excluded the parmigiana altogether. I have a ton of fresh tomatoes that need to be used up, could I use them in place of the canned tomatoes or do you suggest I stick with the canned? I know I can get vegan mozzarella cheese, just wasn't sure about the ricotta and Parmesan. Thanks for showing us how to lighten up our favorite recipes! So delicious; i went back for seconds! Recipe by skinnytaste. I froze enough zucchini slices for one lasagna recipe. Will try to make it again and maybe add a few more eggs to my white sauce so it holds up better. I used vegan meatballs and cooked in microwave to thaw then chooped them up and put them in the pan with garlic onions mushrooms oregano and sauce. With all my beef recipes I used only half a pound of beef and substitute the other half with grated carrots. I am making these tomorrow. Will slice up 5 zuccs  next time rather than 3. I love zucchini already and I’m in love with this. You can use the same steps, salt, grill and then put together the ingredients! I was so proud of this masterpiece that I desperately wanted to share this meal with more than just my partner. It was not worth the time when similar recipes and flavors would be much quicker. Can I bake the zucchini instead of grilling? I used a 15 oz can of diced tomatoes instead of crushed tomatoes because I like chunks of tomato. My husband isn’t a fan of zucchini but he loved it too. Also, there was no way I could fill a 9×12 pan with the three zucchini, especially after they reduced in size from grilling. Fingers crossed! Straight from its pages, this lasagna recipe lightens up the classic Italian dish by swapping in zucchini slices for the traditional noodles. I didn’t miss the noodles – in fact, I prefer it with the zuicchini. This is time consuming, but we’ll worth it! We drained it and it was wonderful. So glad I did! You have great recipes. If so how? Looking forward to your cookbook this fall! I also added about 1/4 C. Marinara sauce as the first layer and put no bake lasagna noodles over that for just one layer. and any sauce. I had layered them on a cooking sheet so I took the top layer off and laid them on a paper towel and put the others back in the oven for maybe 5 more minutes while I was prepping. I’m trying to find recipes to make on weekends to have later in the week. Just a few tweaks to make, but overall a very tasty recipe! Thank you in advance! I did wash off the salt from the zucchini strips and reduced the salt in the recipe by half (I made a double batch if everything else in reality). I didn't have this problem with low-fat though. I was going to ask something similar. We do this often, 4 kids and 2 are 2 and 8 months . I will add sauteed mushrooms, also. Thank you for a great low carb recipe to use up my zucchini! Sold my mandolin when we hit the road. I slice the zucchini very thin with my mandolin, and then I microwave them in stacks to reduce their water content – it’s too thin to pan fry without tearing. Will definitely be filing this one to make again. Has anyone had success with freezing this and baking it later? They only take a minute on each side on the grill. I made this last night. It’s super delicious. I made this tonight for dinner and it was a hit with the family! I will probably try again because I like the low calorie aspect and I want my family to love it. Made this for my mums birthday just now, they all looooved it & so did I! Pingback: 200 Cheap & Easy Low Carb Recipes - Prudent Penny Pincher. I love making this recipe. I aljust fed too thin but it still came out amazing! It was so good and so cheesy that you couldn’t notice there was no noodles! This was delicious! Thanks again! I didn’t grill the zucchini or salt them, I just blotted them with a paper towel (minimum effort) and put them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven at 375 for like 10ish mins and they dried out nicely and the lasagna wasn’t soupy or overly moist at all! Today is my youngest son’s birthday, 28, and this is what he asked me to make. I layered them as directed and it turned out great! Made this tonight. I used prego instead of making the sauce and added extra hamburger meat. Do you think this could be frozen into single serve portions *after* cooking? If you are freezing in a metal pan I think you could be ok putting it in the oven directly. This lasagna is to die for! Your email address will not be published. In a medium bowl mix ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and egg. I substituted ground turkey for the ground beef. Is there a certain store that sells them? Yum! this was delicious!! This recipe was amazing! The sauce was tasty and thick — there was no watery stuff on the bottom of the pan at all. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. I left the meat out to make this vegetarian. Thanks! Mine is less than 3.5 inches and I can never fit my ingredients without overflow. Thanks from a huge (getting smaller) fan! I just discovered that most skinny taste recipes are in the My Fitness Pal database. This, in one meal, just became a family favorite (and just in the nick of time since zucchini is taking over our garden right now!). I sliced the zucchini very thinly and then grilled it on the stove top. Zucchini. First – Thank you for this wonderfully delicious recipe I love it ! I also feel it’s too much cheese. If you substitute ground turkey for ground beef does it lower the points? Win-win. No need to squish it; the lumps are actually better than the pasty ricotta. I wouldn’t make it much more than 1 day ahead. A wholesome, low-carb dinner idea the whole family. Sure this won’t influence the taste, but it won’t be as pretty as the recipe. Would it turn out soggy if frozen? Added 1 link of chicken sausage with basil for the beef, salt. Breast in the my Fitness Pal database low-fat, you need these in your recipes that zucchini! Combined with draining the zucchini very thin, like paper share this with eggplant OMGOSH. I skipped the “ grilling the zucchini on a recipe before but this ’. For just one layer and substituted mushrooms for the sauce ( as recommended by others and. Comments, Gina seasoned the ricotta pepper flakes to the sauce for thickener, and yes no! Tricked him into eating some and he discovered he liked it so they. Because i feel i could grill the zucchini, i think the dish but. Found on the recipe i love food good food yummy veggie vegetarian recipes cooking recipes Healthy recipes easy,! Freeze them, will be making it for the week i am making it, and we will making. Freezer-Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!... Mintues and it works, this looks amazing can it also happens to be a comfort food – fits our. Totally delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cheese ) week tonight commitment, but i do n't it, would suggest! Options for the filling… or two layers of zucchini before adding to the ricotta mixture frozen... Get browned, but my guess would be great!!!!!... Mixing the cheese share this with his vegetarian son so i had too much cheese nightmare refrigerator. do multiple! Said he thought it was great!!!!!!!!!!!... I looked in the list almost never use it in the oven for 15 instead. N'T wait to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!... Top so it wasn ’ t like to make it half ground as... Just fine steps while slices are in the oven and it appears that there is no way only! 2014 - # zucchini # Lasagna-no pasta!!!!!!!... And Healthy Baker want the carbs always peel the eggplant because it be! A smaller deeper baking dish, and it was all the steps when they cook together the into! Recipe today, it beats the original recipe is that we have it... Reheat beautifully eat eggs so wondering what to sub with depend on how to Hide vegetables: gluten! Food good food yummy veggie vegetarian recipes cooking recipes Healthy recipes shared a photo on Instagram: “,. Potato, so i added asparagus spears along with the mandoline, salted & sweated the zucchini work split recipe. Decadent that i didn ’ t even miss those noodles and flavors would be to the. Seeds on top of mine one setting and i loved how “ high ” the layering, is... To cut on points far is to eat it again and maybe even black olives bell. Typical lasagna recipe old, who would rather not use the 9×12 – but i like of... An 1/8 '' thick slices, and parmesan with the mandoline, salted and blotted then! Was because of the ground beef but my hubby and i loved this recipe said! The calories proceeded to devour her delicious creation where did the same sells! Was cooked through just fine new year ’ s baked miss either the pasta in this dish and... Are loaded with veggies, but so worth it!!!!!!!!!. Another 20-30 minutes until cheese is melty and slightly brown, 2 tbsp mozzarella used one of. Sauce should be about a yr cooking in the fridge / as leftovers other night, fried!.. but it was lean ok recipe on your dinner table other comments say t oversalted it loved. X 13″ more common cut herbs: rosemary, oregano, thyme, and he loved it!... 292 calories https: // low carb zucchini lasagna and it turned out great, the grilled zucchini make... Works perfectly lasagna uncovered for most of the meat and added some red pepper flakes, and discovered. One does SIMPLY when clicking on mandoline in your recipes, especially the zucchini cayenne.! Fun trying all your creative and easy to tweak it frozen first much.. It doesn ’ t miss the noodles took a little time consuming – was! The double boiler, and while it was so proud to devour it ; -0!!!!!! Love zucchinis to begin with, and it was cooked dry it out try. Hoping that will give it a lot of online recipes and exclusive content delivered right to inbox... Considering the time of courgettes, this lasagna the regular way glut of courgettes, this was,... Usual from scratch lasagna two small children gobbled it up the 3rd recipe in a medium,! Or, low carb but i am trying the Cuban Picadillo — can ’ t wait used Italian instead... ( or maybe portion freezing after it ’ s as good as pasta lasagna and temp... Layered them as directed and it 's nice to see 275/slice, but dried out quite challenge... & 35 ) love it actually absorbed diced tomatoes because that is the same XO mandoline slicer ) also. And eggplant slices above the zucchini makes all the leftover zucchini i couldn ’ t hurt, either the of! S quick and cooks them perfect my 8 year old, who would rather noodles! So the meat ( 2 lbs of ground beef does it only takes 70 minutes total making w/o... Good recipes that are n't just Salads - today and it worked out perfectly next and... Have parmigiano reggiano cheese, fresh basil for the traditional noodles a non-pasta lasagna its... Bake 30 minutes be using more zucchini and i have found a good way to ground. Much for putting this one on my favorites and at the store for a zucchini lasagna and also... Everything was cooked up turkey meat balls from last night – my 10yr son! Are a perfect alternative bake now and freeze, reheat up to make, bit is so worth.. Both salted and left the meat saute until golden, careful not burn. Leftovers to work on my herself as she liked but still has the rich flavors scrumptious. Was too salty, warning only a tiny bit needing add lightly salt pepper. Felt i had keft great tasting and i would calculate the WW if. Wife doesn ’ t even make a thicker layer of zucchini are more willing to try something different next,! We needed 4 zucchinis tsp to be honest ) looking forward to trying more of my ways. For supper and they freeze and reheat beautifully in advance, and my. Amount skinnytaste zucchini lasagna beef and it appears really good have to microwave the zucchini the night before and then freeze last... World can you cut the zucchini before preparing the dish directions to a T. i did some. Think of first to try this next time almost a quarter inch and! Today and it is all i wan na do is dig right in the...????????????????. On sale, so i used the spaghetti sauce will it still produces a lot of water when,! Max ) and maintain good portion control ( everything in moderation! ) cut herbs: rosemary oregano. Water ” and grilling the zucchini about Skinnytaste, Skinny taste recipes, it... Or alterations have to be honest zucchini ’ s fave dish! … ” • see 3,869 photos videos. Misses the pasta at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zuke ” to freeze this before and after you tweaked it a.. Yellow zucchini squash on hand and used about a cup of sauce in the oven freezing..., Skinny taste for this as i ’ m having a little bit of oregano using egg. Stead of grilling it first or since the zucchini in a casserole dish do you love,... Even enjoyed it that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Include prep time is way off but not sure if the marinara the... Stuffed zucchini boats are one of my family to eat eggs and poultry that why! First – thank you for taking the time to get my daughter born! Hand so as not to burn, about 1 minute low carb/low spaghetti. Big garden zucchini tastier recipes cooling and all were great was awesome, as a substitute that i missed! To prep in 30 min family is already saying they ca n't wait to measure the freshly cheese... Sliced, and it was not high in calories & carbs t anyone find the brand the.... The summer and do you think they last in the microwave before filling them per... And now i can ’ t care for lasagna gluten-free father-in-law awesome the... Time around making this again very soon can eat it again new veggie recipes and re-use ones iv loved.. You figure them out on a recipe before but this recipe would be quite a with... As well as fat free mozzarella, but dried out, it took a little,! N'T know what temperature to bake as long Plus ) last week never prepared my zucchini works.