We started … To a first approximation, alteration minerals in greisen and related fluorine-rich porphyry deposits lie in the system K 2 O-Al 2 O 3-SiO 2-H 2 O-F 2 O (sub -1) . GREISEN 11 Li deposits 6 resources 2.0 Mt Li (3.0 Mt Li eq.) ALKALI 2 Li deposits LI-RICH CLAY TYPICAL 13 Li deposits 4 resources 3.8 Mt Li (4.0 Mt Li eq.) ATYPICAL 11 Li deposits 4 resources 3.1 Mt Li (3.7 Mt Li eq.) MINING GEOLOGY GL 318. Mineral deposits represent extraordinary metal concentrations that form by magmatic, magmatic–hydrothermal or hydrothermal processes in geodynamic environments typified by anomalously high thermal and/or mechanical energy near plate boundaries. METAMORPHISM Metamorphism is the mineralogical, chemical, and structural adjustment of solid rocks to physical and chemistry conditions which have … This is the famous Sn-W deposit of greisen type bounded to the granite elevation. As they require the conjunction of specific environmental conditions to form, particular mineral deposit … 4. Wednesday): Slapany. Hydrothermal fluids are highly variable but generally low salinity mixed CO 2–H 2 O fluids These granites contain topaz and/or muscovite or zinnwaldite and have geochemical characteristics comparable to the low-P sub … (1981) and Kwak (1987). Rare occurrences of tourmaline are reported from the aureole though not as veins. The mining in the area begun at the beginning of the 16th century and it continued with interruptions until 1991. Krásno-Vysoký kámen deposit we moved little bit to the north to Huber Stock. It forms near the margins of a magma Aplite: very fine-grained, white, grey or pinkish intrusive chamber during the final phases of magma chamber rock dominated by quartz and feldspar. greisen Granitic Textures Pegmatite : is a light-colored, extremely coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock. veins, greisen etc The Gem stocks have associated skarn deposits, and aplite dikes. • Greisen-style alteration/mineralisation seen at Pretty Point could also be prospective for precious metals • Pretty Point forms another expression of multitude of diverse alteration and mineralisation styles within Central Gawler Gold Province • Similarities of Pretty Point to greisen alteration and to late- stage Major reviews of tin skarn deposits include Einaudi et al. some characteristics of carbonatites, greisen and vein tungsten deposits, and metamorphosed ferruginous marbles and iron formations. Porphyritic textures are common. Equilibria in this model system can be depicted on quartz and fluid-saturated chemical potential diagrams whose axes are mu HF (acidity, where mu HF = mu … Part III METAMORPHIC DEPOSITS Metamorphism Mineral Deposits Hosted by Metamorphic Rocks Skarn Deposits Greisen Deposits. Tin skarns can be subdivided according to several criteria including proximal versus distal, calcic versus magnesian, skarn-rich versus skarn-poor, oxide-rich versus sulfide-rich, and greisen versus skarn. Tin-polymetallic greisen-type deposits in the Itu Rapakivi Province and Rondônia Tin Province, Brazil are associated with late-stage rapakivi fluorine-rich peraluminous alkali-feldspar granites. 3rd day (10. B-RICH CLAY 4 Li deposits U-RICH CLAY 1 Li deposit VOLCANIC SEDIMENT-HOSTED 8 Li deposits 2 resources 1.0 Mt Li (1.2 Mt Li eq.) Grade of the skarn deposits ranges from 1% to 35%, and predominantly 15%, while that of Au and Ag are measured in g/t.

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